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We at the Daily Break wish to provide you with a source of 5-minute-relief. From experience we know how welcome these moments are on a stressful day. So we offer, for free, a source of jokes, (comedy) quotes, Chuck Norris facts and hot pictures (babes and studs) for anyone to enjoy. In the future we might expand our offering (adding new categories) but for now, what we have, will do.

The idea is simple: you create an account, provide us with your e-mail address and select which categories you are interested in. Every day you will get an e-mail with the contents provided for that category for that day.

For example, if you create an account and select the jokes, comedy-quotes and babe categories, you will get 1 e-mail per day containing the joke of the day, comedy-quote of the day and babe of the day.

We hope you will enjoy your stay with us!

The Daily-Break team